Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Department

The Diploma Programme in Civil Engineering seeks to provide more accessible and quality education and training to construction personnel to meet the real work needs of construction industry and prepare them for the changes in techniques, technologies, markets and employment patterns. This Programme has been designed to enhance quality and productivity of construction personnel.

Upgrade and modernize the technical know-how of those engaged in the construction related activities apart from the fresh entrants to the construction industry desirous of advancing their careers in Construction Industry.

Department Staff Details

Name:-Malek Soyeb Riyazmohammad

Designation: HOD of Civil Dept.

Add:- Anand

Mo No-8866676168

Qualification:- B.E.


Exp:- 8 Years 5 Months

Name:-Durvesh Muzaffar Sirajbhai

Designation: Lecturer.

Add:- Godhra

Mo No- 9274422187


Exp:- 4 Years


Name:-Dant MohammadTalha I

Designation: Lecturer.


Mo No:-9033663447

Qualification:- B.E


Exp:- 1 Years 2 Months

Name:- Makwana Shweta G

Designation:- Lecturer

Add:- Dakor

Qualification:- B.E.

Exp:- 1 Years 1 Months



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