Electronic Communication Engineering

Electronic Communication Engineering Department

Electronic systems are now an integral part of our daily life. Just look around and you will get electronic appliances everywhere it may be your homes, offices or industrial plants they are almost everywhere. Now electronics has developed so much that we can't think of an appliance without electronics . In order to compete with rival companies or just remain a step ahead of them, the designers of technical systems & innovative products must be fully aware of both the usage & the limitations of electronic components & systems.

Extensive development in electronics, audio and video communication systems have made an electronic engineer a catalyst for the change of the modern society, The quality of life has been improved by electronic communication system. With the changing events throughout the world, it has become essential to have more efficient communication network with the latest electronics devices and circuits. The Diploma in ECE aims to provide students a sound knowledge of basic electronics and communication engineering, along with the application like audio video techniques , telephonic system lanline as well as mobile, VSAT etc.

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Designation:- Principal

Add-: Kapadwanj


Qualification:- M.E.

E-Mail:- shailesh_bdl@yahoo.com

Exp:. 25 year

Name:-Parmar Ajaykumar I

Designation:- Lecturer.

Add:- Kapadwanj


E-Mail:- ajayparmar0289@gmail.com

Exp:-5 Years